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Wix Features and Benefits


​The easiest in the world

High-performance website

Anyone can make and operate

Web platform


Site experts

Resident in your company!

That's Wix!

Save fixed costs!

Customers can also edit the smartphone site. Since all form mails can be managed by Wix, maintenance costs can be saved by having in-house staff learn Wix operations.
​ It is possible to operate for 20,000 yen a year including a server with strong security that supports SSL.

Enhanced SEO countermeasure function

Sites created with Wix will be registered in the Google database in 3 minutes if they pass Wix's search engine optimization diagnostic function. In addition, anyone can easily make various settings that match the latest SEO measures.

Excellent compatibility with Google

It also works with Google My Business, which manages your company's information on Google Maps, and Google Analytics / Search Console, which analyzes access. We support numerical analysis and strengthening the ability to attract customers.

Difference from WORDPRESS

WORDPRESS is a great CMS (Content Management System). Tetcom has been proactive in helping to improve the cost and speed of our customers. However, Wix is the center of the offer because it can be more effective. You can see the comparison material here.

​Gaining expectations and trust

Expectations and trust are "to be confident that you should be a partner for the future." For that purpose, it is indispensable to equip "Imadoki's latest design", "latest functions" and "reliable security".

​Also compatible with apps!

On 2021/8, a function that allows you to create a smartphone app from a site created with Wix has been announced ( → Click here for detailed articles ) Your company's website becomes an app for inquiries, reservations, and commercial transactions. It will be possible. With Wix, the possibilities of using the Web for SMEs are endless!

​There are students from beginners to professionals

More than 50 million people are learning in the world

Now available at Udemy!

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