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SEO / MEO / access analysis

SEO is to optimize a website for a search engine so that it will be displayed higher when you search, and it will be selected by clicking. " MEO is optimized for map search and displayed in a more prominent form. With access analysis , you can know when, how much, and how the site was viewed. At this time, " Wix " and " Google " are the big allies. These two major services are closely related, and the benefits of using Wix are enormous.


​The Wix that the world chooses

Equipped with SEO diagnostic function

Registered in 3 minutes to Google


Site was produced in Wix is registered in Google's database with 3 minutes to Pass search engine optimization diagnostic functions of Wix! Only Wix in the world!

Lies about SEO

The following is strictly a lie

  • It takes time to register with a search engine (3 minutes for WIx)

  • ​ Wix is vulnerable to SEO → Frequently Asked Questions (10)

  • Google search engine can always be displayed at the top (Clarify that Google cannot guarantee the top display → See useful guidelines )

  • It is unknown whether it was registered in the Google search engine until it is searched (there is a proper way to find out)

  • ​ You should set a lot of keywords in the keyword META tag for SEO

  • ​ The file name of the page should be Japanese that you want to search

​ Etc ... There is a lot of incorrect information.

Really about SEO

2021.8 Now this is true

  • 3 minutes for WIx to be registered in the search engine

  • We cannot guarantee the high-ranking display of Google search engines, but we can "increase the probability of displaying information".

  • You can check if it is registered in the Google search engine by searching for "site: domain name"

  • Just waiting doesn't register with Google

  • ​ For SEO, it is important that the information on the page is useful, and it is useless to write unnecessary text.

  • The file name of the page can be linked stably by using half-width alphanumeric characters.

​ Etc ... "What to do for SEO" is constantly changing


​Wix and Google relationship diagram

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Google map

​You can manage it for free!

Can also work with Wix!


Google Maps is the tool most used to "find & choose" right now. It also affects SEO! Information & transmission is also possible! Word-of-mouth communication is also very influential!

​Google map information management


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Which page is popular?

Check with numbers!

How many visitors are there?


When and how is your site viewed on Google Analytics? And so on, how is your site searched in the Google Search Console? Etc. can be known. Companies around the world are business competition while improving in the PDCA.

​Google Analytics case study


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