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  • Wixの管理画面を動画で体験 | イマドキデザイン | テットコム

    HOME > What is Wix> Experience the functions of Wix Wix Experience Experience the features of Wix Management screen experience with video Wix App demo Wix management screen Introduced in the video Click here to watch on YouTube Wix App Let's experience Advanced features No program required Installed on the site Mail form You can freely set up mail forms and change items. Furthermore, it is possible to send an automatic receipt confirmation email from the system and create a database. ​ Please use the email form on this site. Email form demo ​forum You can also set up a forum (advanced bulletin board) function. By installing it for the purpose of sharing information among unions, associations, members within the organization, and members, it is possible to smoothly share information with text, images, videos, files, etc. Forum demo ​FAQ ​"Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)" are often used to solve the "worries and doubts" of visitors. There is also a FAQ posting & search system that makes it easy to manage. Frequently Asked Questions Usage Examples E-mail magazine delivery Wix can also install an e-mail newsletter system. It is also installed on this site, so please register. E-mail newsletter delivery usage example blog Blogs are the "easiest notification feature". In the case of Wix, there is also a Wix smartphone app, so you can easily send information from the venue at events. Blog usage example ​Site search You can search within the site. Other functions such as blog, forum, FAQ, etc. have their own search function. Site search / demo E-mail magazine delivery Wix can also install an e-mail newsletter system. It is also installed on this site, so please register. E-mail newsletter delivery usage example blog Blogs are the "easiest notification feature". In the case of Wix, there is also a Wix smartphone app, so you can easily send information from the venue at events. Blog usage example ​We will increase the number of demo sites on this site from time to time. Notification e-mail registration thank you

  • セミナー | イマドキデザイン | テットコム

    HOME > Seminar SEMINAR ​Seminar Wix site production in-house I want to improve my company's PR power Mail order business / legal related Every individual / team Make full use of Wix! From web designers to beginners ​Providing professional Wix know-how! Online seminar now open To Udemy! We hold individual seminars From professionals to beginners In a company, as a team, as an individual Details / Cases / Achievements PR team I want to install it in-house! Has high execution ability ​Site / SNS operation / PR work ​Utilization of web advertisement / video site To a team that can think and practice for themselves Details / Cases / Achievements I want to be a team For a new business environment Respond with your own power I want to start online shopping and seminars I want to comply with the Personal Information Protection Law To a team that can deepen understanding and execute Details / Cases / Achievements

  • Wixアプリ サンプル&デモ|メールフォーム | イマドキデザイン|Wix|テットコム

    HOME > What is Wix> Experience Wix Functions > Form Mail Form Mail ​sample Form mail With Wix, form mail can be installed and modified without programming. This sample email form has the following features: Up to 10 forms can be set up (more than that, a paid plan for mail forms is required) ​ Send an automatic thank-you email from the system to the person who sent it ​ Accumulate the input contents in the database, check by the administrator & export as a CSV file (save to your computer) You can fill it out and send it. Please do not enter personal information of yourself or others. The system will automatically send a thank-you email to the specified email address. In addition, the sent contents are stored in the database. In this sample, "Name", "Furigana", and "Inquiry content" are displayed so that anyone can see it, so that you can see that it has been registered in the database on this page. Normally, the content you send will not be seen by others. Send Mail form Can actually send

  • Blog | イマドキデザイン | テットコム

    HOME > Blog 全ての記事 Search Log in / Sign up No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned... 全ての記事 (0) 0 posts No posts yet.

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    Tetcom Mail News Notifications will be sent to the specified email address Email register ​*Has registered*

  • | イマドキデザイン | テットコム

    Pioneer Kids This is a web tour video of Chofu Hakuun Welfare Association, a social welfare corporation that operates a nursery school in Chofu City and Komae City, Tokyo. Taking pictures of the daily life of the nursery school while giving maximum consideration to the privacy of children. Among them, we made it possible for you to feel the bond between the child and the nursery teacher and the state of the garden. close

  • SEO・MEO・アクセス解析 | イマドキデザイン | テットコム

    HOME > Services> SEO / MEO / Access Analysis SEO MEO Analytics SEO / MEO / access analysis SEO is to optimize a website for a search engine so that it will be displayed higher when you search, and it will be selected by clicking. " MEO is optimized for map search and displayed in a more prominent form. With access analysis , you can know when, how much, and how the site was viewed. At this time, " Wix " and " Google " are the big allies. These two major services are closely related, and the benefits of using Wix are enormous. ​The Wix that the world chooses Equipped with SEO diagnostic function Registered in 3 minutes to Google Site was produced in Wix is registered in Google's database with 3 minutes to Pass search engine optimization diagnostic functions of Wix! Only Wix in the world! Lies about SEO The following is strictly a lie It takes time to register with a search engine (3 minutes for WIx) ​ Wix is vulnerable to SEO → Frequently Asked Questions (10) Google search engine can always be displayed at the top (Clarify that Google cannot guarantee the top display → See useful guidelines ) It is unknown whether it was registered in the Google search engine until it is searched (there is a proper way to find out) ​ You should set a lot of keywords in the keyword META tag for SEO ​ The file name of the page should be Japanese that you want to search ​ Etc ... There is a lot of incorrect information. Really about SEO 2021.8 Now this is true 3 minutes for WIx to be registered in the search engine We cannot guarantee the high-ranking display of Google search engines, but we can "increase the probability of displaying information". You can check if it is registered in the Google search engine by searching for "site: domain name" ​ Just waiting doesn't register with Google ​ For SEO, it is important that the information on the page is useful, and it is useless to write unnecessary text. The file name of the page can be linked stably by using half-width alphanumeric characters. ​ Etc ... "What to do for SEO" is constantly changing ​Wix and Google relationship diagram ▲ Click or tap to enlarge ▲ Google map ​You can manage it for free! Can also work with Wix! Google Maps is the tool most used to "find & choose" right now. It also affects SEO! Information & transmission is also possible! Word-of-mouth communication is also very influential! ​Google map information management ▲ Click or tap to enlarge ▲ Which page is popular? Check with numbers! How many visitors are there? When and how is your site viewed on Google Analytics? And so on, how is your site searched in the Google Search Console? Etc. can be known. Companies around the world are business competition while improving in the PDCA. ​Google Analytics case study ▲ Click or tap to enlarge ▲

  • サポートセンター(Wix Answers) | イマドキデザイン | テットコム

    HOME > What is Wix> Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Homepage Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions and Answers サポートセンターをみる Tetcom will collaborate with customers to create a "find, nattoku, select" homepage. Please feel free to contact us if you want to acquire customers or human resources.

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    Act Home Online counseling room Online consultation services are becoming more important for busy people as they become a new lifestyle. In addition to creating the site, I also introduced ZOOM, planned new services, and instructed the team management meeting. Act Home Online Counseling Room close