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    Cha-kouba Co., Ltd. This is a greeting video of the representative of Cha-kouba Co., Ltd., a large tea factory completed in Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture. In the important tea plantation, he talked about his passion for the region, business partners, and employees. (We provide total support for company names, logos, etc.) close

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    HOME > Services> Creating a website for attracting customers and acquiring human resources Website Website Design Tetcom will collaborate with customers to create a "find, nattoku, select" homepage. Please feel free to contact us if you want to acquire customers or human resources. Click here for the reason for being selected Achievements and reputation Click here for Wix features View Google reviews Homepage production flow To be found, convinced, to be selected Points of production flow From the customer's management perspective Pursuing homepage production! Money, time and work should be concentrated for customer acquisition activities! The homepage is "means, not purpose" for your management. The history of technological change in homepage production and operation is also the history of the challenge of "how can we concentrate money, time and work " on " leading to the acquisition of customers and human resources". This is also the reason why Tetcom has been working on various production technologies since its founding request in 1998. We are refining our production technology from the management perspective of our customers. Traditional challenges Dramatically improve challenges! Before the birth of Wix ... Cost, time, personnel and challenges were piled up! [Fig. 1] Cost and time allocation before the birth of Wix [Figure 1] is often found in traditional site creation techniques. Ideally, I would like to concentrate costs and time on work that contributes to customer acquisition of ■ Green and ■ Blue, but even if CMS such as WORDPRESS is born, IT infrastructure and manufacturing costs will account for a large proportion of expenditure. It was (more than this figure without WORDPRESS!) Also, in order for the production company to reduce the production cost, it will be necessary to utilize templates and outsourced engineers. Furthermore, spending on maintenance work, which requires advanced technology, was also a management issue (think of the maintenance work in the figure as the first three months).​ As you know, we are in the heyday of blogging, which is strong in SEO and can be updated without the need for special technology. Furthermore, the security costs of SSL, servers, WORDPRESS, etc. are only increasing. Keyword ads are becoming more expensive, and even if SNS, maps, and cheap SNS ads are born, we cannot afford to spend money, time, and personnel. It is not that these production and management methods are bad, but that " only this method could be selected ." Traditional challenges The birth of Wix! Maximize what you can do! Tetcom + Wix will always be close to you and support you [Fig. 2] Wix makes such a difference! [Figure 2] is a form that can be improved with Wix. You can see that ■ green and ■ blue have increased. You can see in this figure "Why Wix is used by SMEs in Japan and around the world?" Wix is a tool that everyone can use as well as significantly reduce the maintenance, manufacturing cost, and speed of IT infrastructure. You can take advantage of this to expand the range of work that contributes to customer acquisition . Furthermore , by reviewing costs, time, and personnel, it has become possible to create an environment in-house that challenges new business services. Usually, Wix's high functionality + AI will support you, and in case of emergency, Tetcom will support you. ​ Tetcom provides a business environment where you can make full use of the Web with peace of mind. Dramatically improve challenges! Reassuring and convincing Build carefully In collaboration Customer's feelings The most important thing on the site is to be supported by your customers (prospects / customers). What kind of site is best for getting close to your feelings? I will think about it together. Business management ideas Please tell us your thoughts and thoughts on business management, thoughts on business and customers, wonderful products, services, employees, future prospects of business, etc. Staff's request Please feel free to contact us for anything that is technically unclear, vague anxiety, difficult to ask questions, actualized as a current issue, or something you want to achieve. See also production results

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    HOME > What is Wix> Experience the functions of Wix > Form mail (database display) Form Mail ​sample Form mail ​Database management of transmission contents With Wix, form mail can be installed and modified without programming. This sample email form has the following features: Up to 10 forms can be set up (more than that, a paid plan for mail forms is required) ​ Send an automatic thank-you email from the system to the person who sent it ​ Accumulate the input contents in the database, check by the administrator & export as a CSV file (save to your computer) List of contents to be sent Showing what's on the database The following information shows some of the content sent in the demo email form. Anyone who can keep the morals can send it, so please try it. Click here for mail form 1. 米山 ​氏名: よねやま 2021年10月24日 テスト 1. 中村正人 ​氏名: なかむらまさと 2021年8月27日 はじめまして。大阪で商社をしています。 Wixの機能が見たくてたどり着きました。すごい機能ばかりで自社でできるか不安もありますが、まずは触ってみてもらおうと思います。 1. 小池ゆりえ ​氏名: こいけゆりえ 2021年8月27日 お試しで送信します。 ありがとうございます。 1. 小田真理 ​氏名: おだまり 2021年8月27日 テストさせていただきます。 1. 佐藤一郎 ​氏名: さとういちろう 2021年8月27日 駿河湾岸警備隊のウェブサイトの制作を検討中です。 ご相談にうかがえれば幸いです。 電話でのご連絡でも結構です。お待ちしています。 1. 山田花子 ​氏名: やまだはなこ 2021年8月24日 テスト送信です。 どのようになるか楽しみです。 1. 山内真一 ​氏名: やまうちしんいち 2021年8月24日 送信内容はデータベースに登録されます。 このページでは、データベースから動的に情報を取り出して表示しています。 その表示もプログラム不要で行うことが可能です。

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    HOME > Services> Online environment maintenance ONLINE Online environment maintenance We provide a wide range of support, such as checking the Internet environment in the office, giving advice on purchasing equipment, training staff, and creating in-house rooms to use online tools such as ZOOM. Support content Cases and achievements Online with customers Maximize the power to connect! Internet environment maintenance The basis for online utilization is "stable internet connection environment" and "backup of important data". Equipment selection We help you select equipment that meets your needs, such as personal computers, cameras, and microphones. It is also possible for you to experience the equipment we are using in practice. ZOOM class We teach companies, unions, associations, and individuals from installation to setting and operation of ZOOM. Video Osamu recording and distribution High-quality recording with a single-lens reflex camera as well as a smartphone / USB camera, and advanced recording such as a combination of computer screens are possible. Live streaming Now is the time for everyone to introduce products and deliver symposiums live. There are various delivery methods, so please feel free to contact us. Image improvement Based on our track record of interviewing more than 1,000 people since our founding, we teach you how to illuminate, where to shoot, how to listen and how to speak. ​Cases and achievements See details

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    Daikokuya Confectionery While working, I dared to narrow down the daily making of Japanese sweets and the warm exchanges with customers to "one Mitarashi dango" to express the world view. ​ Received the Shizuoka Chamber of Commerce Video Contest 2020 Excellence Award (see also the reasons for the award of the judges) close

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    What is a function? Typical functions are form mail, shopping carts, reservation systems, etc., but don't forget the security of servers and programs. If it causes trouble to society, it will be a big problem for the company. You need to be very careful. close

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    ​Website Design What is the point? There is no cost before production. If any cost is required, we will issue a quotation in advance and approve it before starting work. After publishing, you will be able to register with Google and set SEO / MEO. After making it public, it is "customer acquisition". ​ After the release, about 1 to 2 months will be the period of "small changes / fine adjustments". ​ The site will be created based on the idea of " focusing on content = content first *". This is an essential idea for creating a better site. * Search for Content First to see commentary from many experts. close

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    HOME > Achievements and reputation Portfolio Achievements and reputation Homepage achievements Reputation on the net Achievements of photos and videos home page Production results No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned... On the net Tetcom's reputation ● Information site W2B for creating homepages https://w-2-b.com/ ● A collection of examples of homepage creation created with Wix https://w-2-b.com/wix-example/ Twelve sites were introduced as homepages created with Wix that left an impression, but three sites created by us were selected. 5. Act Home Co., Ltd. 6. Shirane Kindergarten 7. Ray-Ban Pro Shop Aihikino ● It is a review to Google Maps Tetcom https://g.page/tettocom Not only local customers but also customers who requested online are writing.

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    Tokyu Resort Town Hamanako "Summer memories that I can't write in my picture diary." ​ With the theme of, I took pictures while having children and adults play with all their might. close