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Behavioral guidelines

Behavioral guidelines

  1. Being a platformer
    In addition to the service of creating a homepage, we will provide a business platform of "information transmission ability", "communication ability", and "commercial transaction ability" by utilizing the mechanism of the Internet.

  2. To proceed with sharing, convincing, and empathy
    From the customer's point of view, always anticipate not only what the customer wants, but also what will be needed in the near future, share it through proposals and discussions with the customer, and proceed with work with conviction and empathy.

  3. Be sincere and open
    We will continue to provide customers with merits and demerits, good information and bad information, what they can and cannot do, by making everything transparent and as a material for management decisions.

  4. Be faster and more flexible than anyone else
    Continue to hone your sense of being able to detect changes in society and technology, detect it faster than anyone else, think of a method that can be realistically dealt with with technology and ingenuity, and implement and verify it as soon as possible.





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​Representative Shinichi Yamauchi

Born in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture in 1966

​ Growing up in Hamamatsu as a child

Shizuoka City Nakajima Elementary School , Osato Junior High School graduate

Graduated from National Institute of Technology, Numazu College of Electrical Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering Family is wife, 2 children, dog

My hobbies are biking (including around the Izu Peninsula), visiting restaurants, and watching movies.

[1986] After joining NEC Software (currently NEC Solution Innovators ), engaged in OS development, manual writing, product basic design, etc. for large computers.


[1994] When I met the Internet and succeeded in operating the DB system under development at that time remotely via the Internet with reference to the materials of Microsoft Developers Network, I was convinced of the arrival of the Internet era. Build and operate a community of 300 music fans


[1998] Founded Tetcom and started website production and local information business

Entrusted with the work of preparing the information transmission environment of companies and organizations by making full use of various programming languages and CMS such as HTML / CSS / Perl / PHP / SQL / Java / Javascript / MovableType / WORDPRESS.

[Currently] Became an official partner of Wix , the world's largest web platform, and started online seminars

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I also serve the following public offices as a social contribution activity.

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