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Online environment maintenance

We provide a wide range of support, such as checking the Internet environment in the office, giving advice on purchasing equipment, training staff, and creating in-house rooms to use online tools such as ZOOM.


Online with customers

Maximize the power to connect!


Internet environment maintenance

The basis for online utilization is "stable internet connection environment" and "backup of important data".

Equipment selection

We help you select equipment that meets your needs, such as personal computers, cameras, and microphones. It is also possible for you to experience the equipment we are using in practice.

ZOOM class

We teach companies, unions, associations, and individuals from installation to setting and operation of ZOOM.

Video Osamu recording and distribution

High-quality recording with a single-lens reflex camera as well as a smartphone / USB camera, and advanced recording such as a combination of computer screens are possible.

Live streaming

Now is the time for everyone to introduce products and deliver symposiums live. There are various delivery methods, so please feel free to contact us.

Image improvement

Based on our track record of interviewing more than 1,000 people since our founding, we teach you how to illuminate, where to shoot, how to listen and how to speak.


​Cases and achievements

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