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Buisiness Environment

Mail order / reservation environment maintenance

Not only technically, but also due to the spread of smartphones and the influence of new lifestyles and work styles, there is an increasing need to expand what can be done online.


​Creating a good environment for Mikata

Customers / managers / sites

-For example, think by mail order-


​By realizing the goodness of Mikata, you will be able to draw a spiral of growth. Sometimes the wishes conflict, but let's make it happen!


  • I want to know if it is a reliable shop

  • Easy-to-understand operation on a PC or smartphoneIs good

  • I want to choose payment or receipt

  • I want great deals

  • I want to know the products that match the season and event time

  • I want to see a lot of beautiful pictures

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please ask by email or SNS and let us know.

I want an environment where you can shop safely, safely, and without stress.



  • I want to reduce fixed costs

  • I want to reduce advertising costs

  • I want to reduce the settlement fee

  • I want to send information to more people

  • I want to reduce accidents

  • I want to create a system that can be executed immediately during the seasons and events

Any manager wants to maximize what he can do and what he can achieve while keeping spending as low as possible. While recognizing that it is difficult, I am worried about how to solve IT and business.



  • I want to use a system that improves work efficiency, makes work easier, and has less trouble.

  • I want to create a system with less complaints from customers​

  • I want to create a system that allows smooth ordering, shipping, and deposits.

  • I want to focus on information dissemination work that suits the season and event time

  • I want to take a lot of beautiful pictures

I am worried about facilitating business and establishing business methods to meet customer needs.


Cases and achievements


We have been supporting mail-order sites for a long time since 2005. It has changed and evolved with the era of online shopping, such as opening a Yahoo! store , opening an auction, opening a site specializing in repair and maintenance, and opening an independent store by Shopify.


Along with the website of the old folk house cafe in Shizuoka City, the operation planning, selection and construction of the Web reservation system. Shift from telephone reservations and greatly improve work efficiency. We have also implemented many IT measures to improve the quality of customer services, and we are further developing warm services through IT.

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